Tacos & Mexican Staples

Tacos & Mexican Staples

in a festive space with a patio

Our Favorites
Albondigas De Pollo
Chile Relleno
Burrito Mojado
Caldo De Res
Enchiladas Michoacanas
Guest Testimonials

"Best value burritos in the Palo Alto area. Carnitas are Excellent. Everything else I’ve tried has been great. Highly recommend."

Andrew M.


"This place is such a hidden gem for authentic Mexican food in EPA. So cheap and the service is extraordinary. We went there with 2 dogs and a baby and a toddler and sat outside. We went inside to order food and when we went outside, without being prompted, the waitress immediately brought out a high chair for the baby. They also have free chips and salsa and they were so good. We devoured the salsa and chips and my husband went inside to ask for more, and before he even got inside the door, the waitress is already on her way out with refills for us. The food itself is good. Love the Al Pastor tacos and the oxtail soup. I would definitely come back for the food and the amazing and kind hospitality that we received here."

Jen T.


"Affordable, authentic, and they make you feel like home. If you want a quick bite to eat but want quality that makes you crave for more, this is the spot for you!"

Jay C.

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